Just Keep Talking Ltd provides private Speech and Language Therapy to schools in Staffordshire, Derbyshire and the West Midlands.


We work alongside NHS services, or instead of them, to make sure that your children get the right input at the right time.


We welcome referrals directly from parents, and can see children at school, home or nursery. 

We also offer Telehealth, using technology to provide therapy.


We see children 0-18 years:


  • with speech difficulties, who might be hard to understand and struggle to change how they say words

  • who find it hard to understand what people say

  • who find it hard to use language to express themselves.

  • with dysfluency (stammer)

  • with social communication difficulties

  • with Autism Spectrum Condition

  • with Selective Mutism



Flexible training in helping children with communication difficulties in the classroom is available for:


  • Early Years settings

  • Primary settings

  • Secondary settings

  • Further Education settings

  • Health and Education professionals


Training and support for parents and childminders is also provided, so that everyone 'speaks the same language' and knows how to help their child most effectively.


We offer ELKLAN courses as well as bespoke training designed to be specific to your needs.

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